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Our transfer Sheet is made on high printing technology system with finest details process, pure cocoa Butter base, without oil fat addition. We are using food grade PE Plastic (guitar paper). All our production followed by HACCP traceability that can provide you quality guaranty on couverture application, and Halal Certified. Any personalize request are welcome following by our designer team, and can be realize under 48 hours after approval.


Discover our divers creative finish products, from our selected premium imported chocolate couverture, white, milk to dark, you will enjoy a full range of products easy to using for any occasion or festivity. You can be controlling your cost, and enjoy quality from our latest machine technology with consistency and full traceability on QC HACCP recording, and Halal Certified.


Traditional made, our professional team introduce the latest production of divers Bonbon, with different shape ready to eat. We using all best ingredient selection Natural Source Products, with Fresh cream and butter from France. We process on direct infusion or Natural flavors. managing to keep texture always smooth and creamy, and guaranty from our formula any bacteriologic from a shelf life of 5-month guaranty, with our HACCP quality analyzed QC System and Halal Certified.


We are specializing to personalize our creativity. From logo, transfer sheet, blister on diverse shape, diverse bonbon, Truffle, tablet, lollipop, room amenity, turn down amenity, airline catering, and divers project can be assisting by in house designer on request. We can do products Ready to use or you can finish in your laboratory as you wish, please request more information by email or to your near distributor.


Seasonally we provide service Food grade PET mold thermoformed for festivity, or other. You can be creative and finish you cake or chocolate sculpture, the way your creativity will show on and extraordinaire finish touch.


We provide a range of food grade colors from Cocoa Butter, to concentrate powder for water soluble or fat soluble, to enjoy the brilliance of your creativity. The Shiny colors can be assisting your coating for your chocolate or candy, all are food grade certified European Standard.

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